Heat pressed products: The perfect gift

With the invention of the heat press, the world of printing took a quantum leap and other transfer processes such has screen and block printing have been rendered obsolete. This is because these printing methods required individual blocks and stencils on which a specific dye or pigment was used to transfer it on the medium to be printed. A long and time consuming process that was not capable of transferring actual images but nevertheless continues to be utilized for the purpose of printing slogans and single or duel colour logos.

The wide variety of different makes and models of heat presses currently available in the UK today are quite capable of transferring full colour images and even photos on a highly diverse array of media and moreover are fully backed by after sales service, spare parts availability as well as extensive warranties. Depending on the plates used such presses can easily transfer vibrant full colour pictures on shirts or caps or even mugs and aluminium plates.

The key differentiation feature of a heat press is that quite unlike conventional screens and blocks, a heat press does not need its different colours to both ‘set and then air dried,’ since the whole image is transferred all together on the chosen medium in full and vivid colour simultaneously with the heating process. There are basically two main factors that lead to a successful and permanent transfer of an image. (Whether mugs, T-shirts or caps or any other chosen medium) The first is the dependency on high pressure and the other is an overall even distribution of heat. (Hence the term ‘Heat Press’) As a matter of fact, the many excellent heat presses available in the UK have both of these crucial qualities, effectively making them a very good choice indeed for just about any kind of picture or design transfer, whether for home use as that quick but thoughtful birthday gift for a beloved son or for mass production for corporate entities who might need hundreds of printed caps and T-shorts on very short notice, common heat press available in the United Kingdom today includes:

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